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35-FTR Font Family! 35-FTR Font Family! 35-FTR Font Family!

35-FTR was custom drawn specifically for the book Analogue Photography which required the timeless elegance of Futura and the compact utilitarian typesetting of Helvetica. It combines the best of both with the foundation of a geometric sans but the proportions and rhythm of the Swiss classic.
The result is a versatile font that bridges the gap between information design and high-end sophistication. 35-FTR can effortlessly traverse the spectrum of friendly and approachable to aspirational exclusivity.

This functional elegance excels in the bolder weights and is perfect for setting display and readable body copy.

Version 2.1 includes refinements to the two-story “a” and “g”, new superior and inferior figures and improved kerning for German text. Original features: 7 weights with obliques, open type features, European characters, symbols, transit icons, circled figures, old-style figures, tabular figures, proportional figures fractions, arrows.

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