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Bentham is inspired by the lettering of nineteenth-century maps, gravestones and the maker’s plates of cast-iron machinery. It’s characterized by expressive, flowing, and bulging curves, mannered awkwardness, and the bobbles on the terminals of its characters. The ‘modern face’ sort genre could be the typographical equivalent, and it can be found in books printed throughout the nineteenth century. This genre survived in educational textbooks created all through the twentieth century, and is preserved in personal computer science because the style which Donald Knuth adopted for his TEX typesetting method.

Bentham is really a half-way design and style; correct neither to the sort produced through the nineteenth century, nor for the letterforms of cartographers, stonecutters, or engravers. Actually it is actually an examination with the traits that these letters share, colored by Ben’s strategy to type drawing.

Bentham Font

Bentham Font Bentham Font

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