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Kadwa is really a Devanagari typeface loved ones made by Sol Matas. It is based on the original Latin typeface Bitter, a slab serif typeface for text.

Persons study and interact with text on screens a lot more and more each and every day. What happens on screen ends up becoming much more essential than what comes out from the printer. Together with the accelerating recognition of electronic books, type designers are working hard to seek out the perfect styles for reading on screen.

Motivated by Sol’s appreciate for the pixel she created Bitter, and later Kadwa. A “contemporary” slab serif typeface for text, it truly is specially developed for comfortably reading on any laptop or device. The robust design and style began from the austerity of the pixel grid, according to rational rather than emotional principles. It combines the huge x-heights and legibility with the humanistic tradition with subtle traits inside the characters that inject a particular rhythm to flowing texts.

It has small variation in stroke weight and also the Regular is darker than a typical typeface intended for use in print. This generates an intense colour in paragraphs, accentuated by the serifs which are as thick as strokes, with square terminals.

Each glyph is meticulously developed with a superb curve high quality added for the 1st stage with the style, that was completely made inside a pixel grid. The typeface is balanced and manually spaced to work with extremely couple of kerning pairs, specifically essential for net font use considering that most browsers do not at present help this feature.

Kadwa Font

Kadwa Font

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