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Oktah Round is a rounded version of Oktah Neue. Oktah Round is soft and friendly, modern and warm. It’s a typeface that combines human touch with high functionality. Oktah Round comes equipped with 1600+ characters per font and is available in 16 styles (from Thin to Black), and as a variable font that allows you to change weight and slant angle. Oktah Round supports more than 200 Latin languages and has amazing support for Cyrillic languages like Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, and others.

Relying heavily on the geometric forms and proportions first introduced in Oktah, this rounded version does more than just smooth out a few corners. To make curves sharper and more uniform, some terminals were modified. Other visual features (like curving tails in ‘l’ and ‘t’) were dropped to create more clear cut look. Oktah Round is perfectly balanced and finely tuned to be the font you’d want to use again and again. The variety or styles and availability of a variable font give Oktah Round a potential to be used across multiple mediums.

Oktah Round supports most Latin based languages, it also has support for Extended Cyrillic. The remainder of the extensive 1600+ glyph character set is reserved for punctuation, numbers, special symbols, and all sorts of additional symbols like squared numbers, geometric shapes, etc. All characters are evenly spaced and carefully kerned, so that there are no overlaps or glaring gaps in any language. OpenType features include Legible Alternates, Case Sensitive Punctuation, Fractions, Sub- and Superscript, Black and White Circled Figures, Ligatures, Oldstyle Figures, Tabular Figures and many others.