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Rozha One particular is a extremely high contrast Open Source font, which presently gives support for the Devanagari and Latin scripts. Designed primarily for display use, the extreme distinction involving its letters’ thick and thin strokes make it a superb option for substantial headlines and poster-sized graphics. The Indian Sort Foundry released Rozha One in 2014; its Devanagari character set was developed by Tim Donaldson and Jyotish Sonowal. Shiva Nallaperumal created the Latin.

The font’s Latin characters are drawn within a fat face ‘modern’ or ‘Didone’ style, related to letters that had been frequently applied in 19th century marketing posters in the West. Rozha One’s Latin characters barely differentiate between upper and lowercase letter sizes; the x-height of its lowercase letters is so higher – and also the size of its capital letters so small – that these practically blend into one particular another within a line of text. Nevertheless, the Devanagari letters are drawn in such a way that they harmonise using the font’s Latin really effectively in settings exactly where texts in many languages sit alongside a single yet another. The headline in the Devanagari base characters would be the similar thickness as the Latin letters’ serifs. Certain Devanagari letter strokes and vowel marks bare visually similarity for the font’s Latin letters. Nevertheless, Rozha One does not appear Latinized or un-Devanagari.

The font contains 1,095 glyphs, supplying full help for the conjuncts and ligatures essential by languages written using the Devanagari script. When made use of in on-screen style environments, Rozha One should be used in very substantial pixel sizes. However in print, the design and style may be utilized inside a broader range of sizes, possibly even as modest as at 16 or 18 points.

Rozha One Font

Rozha One Font Rozha One Font

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